Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Tie Off

Hey folks!!! Happy Tuesday and a great day here at the pike ranch nice and sunny and a sweaty 33 degrees!! This weeks pick was spun deer hair and would like to thank Pat Cohen for that as I am sure Ole McFluff feels the same way...when you see inspiration you must act quickly! Any way I turned out a couple of flies as this week has been a busy one. I tell one word of advice with deer hair you don't rush it and you need to be in the mood at least that's how I roll. So here we are a sub bug in purple my last tie of the nite and a spun deer hair "SPLAYER". 2/0 on the splayer and a 5/0 onj the purple and white sub bug which I am quite pleased with. I had a banner of an evening last fall with purple and white sub bugs for pike and made a point to have a few more in the arsenal. Head on over to Dave's site and see what he has up his sleeve as he is one hell of a hair man himself and self taught as well which means if you put your mind to something you can and will get the job done!!! htt://www.mcfluffchucker.blogspot.com
Tight Lines!!!


  1. very nice...what is tuesday tie off?

  2. hey Pat Dave and I take turns each week with picking a material or a style of pike and predator pattern to tie. We don't talk about what we are making just agree on the basic pattern and then at 9pm we post and share. it has become quite popular...cheers buddy keep up the great tying!!!