Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well the man said a high of 50 degrees today....hmmmm don't think so weather man. Either way I was going out to chuck some fluff come hell or high water. I had a great afternoon even though I came up short on a pike. Subbugs and divers on sink lines were on the main course and for desert some perch as you can see here. This 6 inch pattern looks brilliant in the water. Thanks to the guys over at Piketrek the eyes and gills they sell are a must in your predator arsenal. The gills give that slight flash like a bait fish in danger and looks great. I have all the confidence in the world in the products these guys sell.
The water temp was still on the nut chillin cold side
as next time I will be puttin on some neoprene
waders. I have 3 different spots to try
and this week I will have the option of
wade or boat. So pending on the weather we will see. The wind kicked up pretty hard on me as the lake started crappin white caps so I took a stroll up along my local creek. This pushes warmer water into the lake so when the time is right I should see some good action. This week is calling for temps on the 40's and some rain nicer warmer weather for the end of the week upper 60 mark. Gate was closed so I had to pack light which was a good thing cause I had to burn off 2 slim jim's and a giant candy bar. Anyway you can see my home water still has some ice. The boat is ready to go motor is tuned and all I have to do is find some pike. Feel free to contact me if you have any question at
Yes I know I look like I ate 50 candy's just layers ....really! Keep ya all posted as to the next adventure coming up this week. May 10th pike adventures will be turning 1 year old...I'll have a couple of pabst to that!!! Tight Lines .....


  1. cool fly ken


  2. Yeah, thats a little beauty Ken,



  3. Cheers Fellas....trying to get the shape like a red wine bottle....maybe I should ask Dave for his help on that buhahahahahahahahahaah