Saturday, March 13, 2010

Got Duck....

I am not a fan of posting pictures of dead all. But as in this case this was nature's course, survival of the fittest or opportunity knocks. This was a pic I found dragging a line through the net. My brother Dave may have already seen this or heard of it as this was a u.k based page. This is a big pike that ate a full size duck. Duck lost and the pike lost. I have heard stories of pike eating baby ducks but not a large duck. Think your patterns are too may want to re-think your next pattern sittin in the vise. Tight Lines, got out on my 1st pike adventure today and had 2 follows and one hook up and lost it. Water is still cold but this weeks forecast looks to be in the 50's so will be taking the old row boat to work with me . Keep your eyes peeled for the pics and Pikesaber review part 2!

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