Friday, March 5, 2010

More Baitfish..........SUCKA!

7inch tasty pike snack. I did up a run of these last nite after I got of the skype with our super hero across the pond "SPIDERDAVE". cheers bro....I won't give out your real identity.... Can't wait to get my hands on the new material from Piketrek. If you have not visited them yet, get your seat cushions in gear and go.... Spring is in the air I can feel it and I am anxious for a pike on the fly like this...........Tight lines and keep tying pike fluff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nice fly! Curious if your used dumbell eyes or the large sticky ones?

  2. I like the animals eyes with stems for these guys. I just clip them off and zap a gap them in. Cheers Mountain man!