Friday, March 12, 2010

The Pikesaber-Part -1

Dave over on his blog has done a excellent review on this rod. Had my 1st run in the other nite out in the yard. Well before I tell you what a crackin rod this is, let me tell you what I like about the rods simple features. 1st off alignment dots. I think every rod should have these. There no guess work involved when you put the rod together....this saves more time for you on the water. I am a firm believer in the little things make a difference. 2nd- the cork handle. VERY comfortable. Some handles feel too big or too small....some have shitty cork work done. Not on the pikesaber. Perfect size and a treat to handle. 3rd- the fighting butt. Now some 9,10 and 11wts feel like they have a soccer ball for a fighting butt. The pike saber's fighting butt is lite weight and to me the perfect size, balance is key! And 4-it is a 4piece rod so you can go on any travel destination with it locked to your side as you battle pike here and there. Nice hard case , cloth bag and feels like nothing you have ever cast before. If you love pike on the fly and are in the market for a new rod...May The Force Be With YOU and go over to pike trek via my blog or Dave's or on my side bar...get yourself one it's worth every damn nickle! Tight Lines....and be on the look out for part 2!


  1. Ken just bought a pike sabre mate had a go of daves and its the best pike rod i have ever cast.

    Dave agrees

  2. try an 11# weight line on it and watch the backing disappear! Greg Strelley England. by the way Ken, did you get the materials I sent you yet?

  3. Not yet mate...I was going to let you know as soon as it arrived...thank you very much you guys at piketrek are the bomb!! Tony glad to hear that mate, your on your way to pike heaven and an addiction for life!