Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Piketrek and Pike Adventures

Here are some pics as of late. My last 2 outings produced 2 follows and a quick hit.It is so good to be out chasing pike. The water temp today was 44 degrees. Instead of chasing pike flies I think the pike are ready to chase some hot a tip from an inside guy today as to where I can launch my boat to some prime pike water, ....thanks "Batch" will be loading up the wagon and heading over your way this weekend. Now on to some more serious business... Our guys over at Piketrek have some serious pike goodies! I have been playing around with the new materials and bugger me...they are hot! The material is alot of fun to work with! The a work horse and I love it! If I had one rod to fish the rest of my pike life with this is the one! Visit the guys look at the pike tying materials get a rod it's money well spent!!! Tight lines fluffchuckers!!!

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