Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things that help me out....

Here are a few things that help me out while I am tying pike patterns. Now don't be afraid to hit the women's section of the grocery store. Yes they have useful goodies for your tying needs. You may get some looks when your looking for hair clips and nail polish but hey what the hell who cares...they may even give you some advice. Sally Hansen's "hard as nails" I like to use this on my mono pike patterns. Seals the deal leaves a nice slick finish and yes it is hard as nails. I like to do at least 3 coats and takes no time to dry. Small coats work well so you don't get so much droopy drip. 2- emery board nail files. They are great for sanding down the stems after you clip the animal eyes and also work great for sanding bass bugs and such...just a handy tool to have and is as cheap as chips. And last but not clips. I like the small ones for holding materials feathers back and for use on my bunny bugs. Also when these guys are spinning around the dryer keeps materials at bay from getting into the 5 min epoxy. I am sure these are not new ideas, just ones I have found useful for me. Try it for yourself and see what you think! Tight lines!

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