Monday, April 26, 2010

"bastard minnow" the low down!

Here we go. This has been a great producer for me so far this year so enjoy tie and catch some pike on it.Tie some up and catch on them, please feel free to contact me and send some pics that would be great!
Material List:
Tiemco 600SP 2/0-6/0
Thread-danville + - color to match body
Bucktail- your choice of colors
Pearl flashabou
topping-ultra hair and peacock herl
gills-red krystal flash
head- 5minute epoxy, 5/32 stick on eyes and fine glitter

tie in your thread - I start just behind the hook eye and make a nice base-rock solid. Tie in a small clump of bucktail , half the size diameter of a pencil at the bend or end of the hook. Next add a dap of zap a gap where you tied the bucktail in. Next take another clump of bucktail the same size and tie down. This will be your different color bucktail. Next tie in a piece of pearl flashabou. Repeat this process till your almost to the hook eye. Remember to zap a gap each step up the hook for maximum strength. "bucktail and a poorly tied fly= shred city"!! Next add in 2 pieces of ultra hair your choice of color-I try to match the bucktail but it's up to you. Tie down applying pressure each wrap. This is tough thread so you can get a little forceful with it to make a smooth head. Next add another clump of pearl flashabou. Next tie in 8-12 long strands of peacock herl for the dark back contrast. Rotate fly and add in a small clump of red flashabou. This is the where you finish off your head nice and neat. As Dave McFluff put it"there's nothing worse than a poorly whipped head"! too true brother!! Whip finish and clip off the thread. Next a small pin sized dap of zap glue and apply the eyes on each side. While those are drying mix 2 equal amounts of 5minute epoxy and fine glitter. Mix evenly and apply a nice smooth coat of your mix on the head. I use small brushes bought from the craft store dirt cheap like 50 to a pack which also helps with the mixing process when you use the other end. Place in rotary drier. Hope this works for you as well as it has for me. One of my 1st step by steps done on the blog so if you have any questions or if I managed to leave something out just let me know! Tight lines Fluffchuckers!!!

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  1. I have never used epoxy on fly heads. I also do not have a rotary drier. Question: when you tie these up, do you tie several flies at onle and stop before the last step, and then apply the epoxy at once to all the flies? Seems like that might save you some product.

    I think I need to start tying some of these big guys. Need to get a rotary drier!