Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's "Walter" by god!

Well 1st predator of the year comes to hand. 2 walleyes to be exact. I knew it was a matter of time when we had a few days of warm rain that the fish may turn on. Throwing 5-6 inch pike patterns in 6ft of rocky weedy water. A little on the smaller side I thought that maybe a smaller snack may be the ticket. Chartreuse and white clouser minnow did the trick. I also had another quick tease from a decent sized pike. I still think they still got the ladies on their mind so will just need to wait this out. When the spawn is on your in some tough times till they are ready to eat. A nice evening out and the Pikesaber was such a great rod to fight a fish on. I think I could do anything I wanted with this rod. 8 inch bunny bugs are a breeze to cast! Hands down the best rod I have ever used ..period. Tight Lines...will be out Friday nite for another session lets see what happens!!


  1. Another maniac to catch Walleye on the fly...and I thought I was the only one...nice fish

  2. Well done Ken! Nicely Christened!