Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Tie Off........

Welcome to the Tuesday tie off. This week was Dave's pick...a good pick at that ole boy! FOAM. Tied any way we like pike pattern and Dave mentioned bass as well. I have 3 patterns 1 I use on a regular basis for pike the "Pikey Pete" series I came up with. This is what I would call the working man's diver. Easy to tie can be tied as long as you want or as short. I used the the material "berry red" from the fellas at Piketrek. 7inches long and will fish like a dream on a sinking line. The other is a flat nosed bunny bug. Same concept like the diver style am looking forward to see the action on this pattern. The last well I have a mouse problem! Can't get rid of them...yes Dave I sent you a mouse in the mail....it's your problem now. This pattern was made from the order I placed for Dave from the Rainy's site. We saw these and had to have some. Tied on 3/0 long shank 34011 mustad hook. The other 2 on s71sss 4/0 mustads. To see what McFluff has whipped up go to http://mcfluffchucker.blogspot.com Enjoy and thanks for all the support Dave and I have received for doing the Tuesday tie off and feel free to contact us at any time. Tight lines!!!

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