Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday Tie Off...

Sorry for the late posting. Talked to my brother this morning and gave him the heads up that I would be out late. Weather is going to turn sour for a few and tonite was the last nite of primo weather so I needed to take full fluffchuckers understand. Any way i picked clouser minnows. Dave and I have been on that kick so here it is. Now instead of the man cave shot that we normally do here is whats been working for me. And the pike did not mind them tonite as well! 2 pike and a good boy lost right at the fault. 3/0 chartreuse "plus Sized clouser's" as I like to tie them but I think Dave is on the better his takes on those patterns. The guy thinks like a predator fish! Don't be affraid to stray from the norm and break the rules. That's half the fun and hey you may stumble onto something new! Now I am pike on the fly guy through and through but I aint no bass snob either! pound for pound smallies are bull dogs. Conditions were tough and the wind well lets just say I would love to kick old man wind right in the ball sack! Sometimes it plays in your favor and other times it just sucks! And yes Pike 1st of the year. yes the force was with me...I love pike!!! I love to tie pike flies and cherish all the great moments on the water. They were jacks but I don't care if I am catching I am a happy fluffchucker!!! Tight lines!!


  1. great post there buddy and nice ties

  2. What the hell do you guys do with all of those flies?

  3. Very nice report!!!

    Beautifull smallmouth.