Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tie Off....

Today was my pic. Got hit with an idea the other day and threw it by Dave. He will be over in May and i need to get him on a few bass to up his "other" fish catches on a fly rod. Well he will be here when the Large and smallmouth bass will be smashing everything in site. Now we are pike guys by trade but a big fat bass well you can't knock it! So I wanted to have something a little different to toss at them. Here is a clip about Tom Nixon.... The Calcasieu Pig Boat was named after the Calcasieu River in southwest Louisiana. The fly was created by an innovative fly tier by the name of Tom Nixon. Nixon created his Calcasieu Pig Boat to imitate the Hawaiian Wiggler, a conventional lure that was a "hot bass producer" at the time and a early predecessor of today's spinner baits. Tom also was an advocate of attaching his Pig Boat (or any other fly) to spinner blades (in-line and off-set) and/or adding pork rind to the hook as a trailer.
Visit Dave's Blog and see what that predator nut has going on!!!

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