Saturday, May 1, 2010

Champlain Pike...

Good timing today. The original plan was to head out Sun. Bugger me the weather forecast looks like shit...thunderstorms , rain and the wicked witch of the west zipping by on her broomstick! So Sat afternoon was the deal. Hooked up with my friend Kevin and headed out to the big lake. No wind well a slight breeze to be exact but not much. Tried a few different spots till we got the 1st follower to snap it's toothy grin. 1st shot nice pike missed my fly...2nd time snapped again...and so it went for me. Kevin on the other hand stuck his fish. He caught 2 pretty pike and think he may have to pike bug. Gave him a go with the Pikesaber and he really enjoyed that. I got to step back and watch the rod work...beautiful! Water temp was around the 55-56 mark. I managed 1 pike myself and was quite happy to just see Kevin tie into fish...was a good day with good company....enjoy the following photos. Oh and the "Bastard Minnow" in chartreuse and white worked well....


  1. Kevin has a revolving trophy I want...
    Frostbite Fleet Salmon Shootout...
    Nice to see him. I fish with his brother Mark on occasion.
    Tight lines.
    Fish H8 me.

  2. Ken-
    When the pike miss I throw the fly right back on their head and let it lay like its dead. Most times they swing over and pick it up. Pike are takers of dead baits.