Sunday, July 4, 2010

Likes and Dis-likes SON!

Everyone has their likes and's mine.

1- I like beer....cold tasty foamy beer..
2- I dis-like know it all shit talkin bozos "Dave you know who I mean"
3- I like cortand and rio line.
4- I dis-like treble hooks-alot!
5-I like the pikesaber.
6-I dis-like very sunny no cloud days for pike.
7-I like a little chop and cloud cover
8-I dislike wire leaders.
9-I like hard mono 80-100lb test for pike.
10-I dis-like those little hard to see ankle biting bugs when your casting....damn they hurt!
11-I like fishing topwater for bucket mouths in thick cover.
12-I dis-like ice on my guides.
13-I like flannel in the spring and wool gloves for ice out pike.
14-I dis-like "spf" you still burn to matter what!
15-I like big natural streamers!
16-I dis-like cheap good spend the cash you earned it!
17-I like water proof digital cameras.
18-I dis-like a shitty cup of morning coffee then again some is better than none!
19-I like ross reels.
20-I dis-like likes and dis-likes boo ya!
I have a ton more just going to put an end to it here as your probably wondering WTF! Any way happy 4th to everyone !! Get some re-con flyfishing in our founding fathers would want that you know! Tight Lines!!!


  1. thats a feckin A+ post bro happy we got rid of you at last day .........................

  2. I dis-like ethanol...i like your site

  3. thanks Bro....Razz you da man!!! I hope when I get older to be able to rock that look you pull off!! thanks !