Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday pickerel "Esox Niger"

My mom is cool she likes Pike adventures!! We tossed the boat in a pond very close to my parents place. Was windy but soon settled down. Not much is written and talked about for's like they are the red headed step child of the esox clan. I don't think so and have alot of dear respect for these pattern smashing toothy critters!!! I like to keep it simple a 8 or 9 wt rod will do you fine if you are in just a pickerel pond. If pike and pickerel are both prersent as well as mister largemouth don't go under gunned. 10 wts for the big pike are a smart choice and my only choice is the Pikesaber. For pickerel I like to keep my patterns on the 4inch range just seems good size to me and have had no issues with that size. E.p flies , bucktails and murdich minnows are a good bet but what ever favorite confidence pattern you like should do the trick. Just remember to strip it fast as these guys are like bullets on the take. 1/0-2/0 hooks are a good bet I like the Tiemco and Mustad hooks. A stout leader of 60lb test of 5ft or so and a small swivel. Don't be afraid to fish those top water patterns as well. Frog patterns and wounded minnow patterns a real producers. Dave has a good top water wounded minnow pattern that has worked wonders on these guys so maybe I can talk him into a step by step. So for now I need to whip up some patterns and think about the next adventure ahead cause it's only right out my door step look out pickerel here I come!! Tight Lines!!!

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  1. great post brother look forward to getting the pickerels next year had a blast with them this year