Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hanging with "Dick Chainey"

Warm one today! Topped out at 85 sun and clouds. Slipped over to location "x" for an evening of pickerel fun. A quick rain shower and a t-storm half way out in the crap-a-craft sent me back to the truck for a 20 min wait for the skies to clear. Glad that some people let their dogs shit where people slide their canoes and rowboats in ...nice cause I stepped in it on my way back out. I need a gripe every now and then. So got back out and tore into a few pickerel. Pretty Boys and P.P. baitfish in the 4inch size worked well. All white and chartreuse and white. Was hoping for a hex hatch...hex hatch + baitfish eating hexes= big esox! Not going to happen tonite...slight wind threw that off...did see a few big duns but not enough to say so. This was the best of the nite taping out at 22.50 inches long.
I said earlier I would be doing a review for Ugly Duck. http://uglyducksrodcare.com well so far so good. The ferrule wax is a snap to put on and is made of all natural ingredients!! I will be doing a full review at the end of the month when the 4 piece rods have had a work out...till then visit Ugly Duck and have a look around. Tight lines and sharp hooks fluffchuckers!!

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