Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pike Adventures and GMT join forces.............

Playing dodge ball with the rain yesterday I set out from pike ranch 1 to meet up with buddy Chris Lynch of Green Mountain Troutfitters for an evening of esox niger on the fly. Being that it looked like the shit weather was going to pass we met up around 5:30pm with high hopes of the rain staying away from us.... Well we got a few rain drops and breaks then more rain drops and then rain the size of marbles. Never forget your rain gear I keep a packable jacket in the gear bag though it's dryness is questionable!!! Anyway we took turns Chris being a good sport gave me 1st crack and a nice spot to target. 5 casts into it we had our 1st esox. Murdich minnows my man!!! Not a big guy but very feisty!! We switched off and on when we caught fish. I think our outing was a little over an hour before lighting finally sealed the deal....don't chance it your life is at risk when you see flashes!!!! No need for fried trout and pike in an hour session! The real kicker was being in the boat this thing has a real comfy casting platform and a 115 horse motor! Shit and git!!! Troutfitters guides clients outta this boat and if your coming to VT and want to be put on some fishy water look-em up and drop Chris and Mike a line they have a full service flyshop with all the stuff you need and no crap you don't!! Tight lines and be safe on the water it's shark week!!!!!!!
Also keep an eye out real soon for my review on Ugly Duck rod care products and the results of not having a 4 piece rod twist to shit on ya!!!

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