Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The new baitfish off the vise for pike. This is a hollow tie style that I can really dig. Dave and i were on the skype a while back and while he was at work we kinda morphed this baitfish up. I am hoping to try it for some musky as well. Tapered layers and any color combo to suit your whim can be used. Thanks to the boys over at piketrek the chenille is awesome stuff guys!!! Take a visit and check out all the goods in store! http://www.pikeflyrod.com

Materials Used.............

1-Mustad 3407dt 6/0
2-Danville + to match head
3-pearl flashabou
4-ultra hair for the body
5-colored doll eyes
6-head-piketrek's mega chenille
The size is up to you these can be short or long. This guy is about 7.5 inches long.

Enjoy and tight lines....keep those hooks sharp and stick some toothies!!!

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