Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's going on????

Some of the friends and flies I have been hanging out with as of late. Stickin some nice Pickerel and a few pike and the occasional bass. Life's good and feelin fine!!! This is a great time of year to be a VT boy. Fall foliage , fresh apples , fresh hot cooked pies and the smell of a fresh wood stove burning. Ahh I love it!! You know when you surround yourself with positive things you enjoy and a loving familiy and good friends it don't get no better. Course big fall pike hittin streamers is a plus. Iv'e been throwing a rio full sink that my buddy Barry Reynolds sent me and I tell ya what it's a great line for probing those drop offs! Handles well a quick count down strip seem s to work the best for me. The middle picture is of a baby snapping turtle which my buddy Drew saw while we were floating a pike trip a few weeks ago. The big versions of these guys are not to be messed with as I have personally seen them snap a broom stick in half.........clean in half so let -em be!!! Bottom pic is one of my favorite big pike patterns "money in the bank" My buddy Brendan inspired this pattern...thanks dude!!! After a few Sam Adams I think I finally nailed it down to a T!!! So for now tight lines sharp hooks...get out and enjoy the fall air and remember to take a deep breath smell the air and have a look at whats around's way too short!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I use these quite a bit and like them very much. A little more unique than sharpies these have a 2 tip selection. You can use the wide end for thicker stripes or the fine point for dotting and detail. Check out the link on top and get ya some sure to be a hit for the tying bench and on your pike flies!!! They have all the best colors and some real crazy colors that are sure to please!! Tight lines!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The "Beaver Hut Brawler"

I found out his game and and know I know he likes perch patterns........Chain Pickerel in the fall rock...tight lines. Get out and chase some toothy critters!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tandem Pickerel fly by Brian Wiprud

Snap Tandem Pickerel Fly: Perch
(Schmudts Surprise)

Schmudts Surprise

By Brian Wiprud

Publishers Note: A year or so ago Brian wrote an article for FAOL on Snap Tandems for Pickerel. The pickerel season is approaching and here is Brian's favorite fly for them - with the method of course.

1. Materials Required Include: 50lb+ Mono, 6lb Mono Tying Thread, Permanent Black Marker, Epoxy, Green/White/Red/Black Super Hair, Yellow/Pearl Krystal Flash, Two 2/0 Hooks Mustad 3366 or Equivalent), Yellow Flash Woven Plastic Weave Tube.

2. Thread two six-inch strands of 50lb mono through snap, fold in half, and weave four strands into one. Affix to shank of fore hook, making sure snap is positioned so that rear hook will be aligned vertically.

3. Slide on body tube from rear, slitting the front so that it reached the head of the fore hook. Tie in pace behind eye of fore hook, and tie in large lead eyes on top. Apply Crazy glue.

4. Tie in White Super hair for length of body, with Red Super Hair approximately the length of the shank on top of that. (This is the bottom of the fly.) Apply Crazy glue.

5. Turn the fly 180 degrees. Stack three materials: Black Super Hair on Green on Yellow Krystal Flash for length of body. Tie in at head, trying not to bind too tightly behind the lead eyes to keep a high profile for the fly's back. (This is the top of the fly.) Apply Crazy glue.

6. Spin fly 180 degrees to tie off rear of body tube at snap. Hold hair out of way with binder clip. Apply Crazy Glue.

7. Put second hook in vice and tie in tuft of Yellow Krystal Flash. This is the tail. Extra hooks in different colors can be tied and snapped onto the fly while angling to suit the mood of the fish. Apply Crazy glue.

8. Apply stick-on reflective eyes to ends of lead eyes. With permanent black marker, draw in side stripes from black top hair to top of the body tube.

9. Mix 5-minute epoxy, stirring gently to limit air bubbles. Apply epoxy with flat tooth pick to head of fly, completely encasing the stick-on eyes and hair tie-in. Avoid cementing shut the hook eye. Put fly on electric rotator or turn by hand until glue sets evenly. Also apply epoxy to head of rear hook and to body tube connection at head of snap. Allow epoxy to cure for 24 hours before use.

10. Completed and assembled snap-tandem fly. ~ Brian Wiprud

About Brian: Brian M. Wiprud is a New York City writer who fishes Pennsylvania and Massachusetts waters for pickerel and has published previously in American Angler, Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide and Fly Fishing Journal. He is also the author of the novel, Sleeps With Fishes, Reviewed here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


One of the smartest posters I have ever seen. C.P.R get it done. My local water has some good things going on...only hope the Johnnies get the point. Practice this for future generations of esox fly flingers to enjoy. Now to put up a poster of " HEY.....HAVE YOU SEEN MY PBR"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Money in the Bank!

Friday...what a great day!!! headed out on a new pike adventure with 2 things at hand to do. Have a good time and learn something new. I had both!!! Hooked up with guide and good buddy Drew Price of Stream and Brook Flyfishing This was a new style of tight commando pike on the fly that I was not used to but "hey suck it up and learn something right"! Tight fishing close to the bank at sometimes not much of a back cast at all. Slow retrieves and heavy flies were the ticket. I took from what i learned from Drew so I could apply it to my homewater. I truly believe that you need to have an open mind and be willing to put your ego aside when learning. I did that although alot of ribbing and joking was being had by both Drew and I. I did get him hooked on the pikesaber. The guys from Piktrek have been good to me so I promised them that every chance I had to put the rod in new hands I would.www.pikeflyrod.comDrew loves it and I am now thinking that I should lock my doors as they may come up missing!!! So what a day great knowledge and good company laughs and oh yeah angry fall pike. If your new to flyfishing or want to try pike o the fly D.P style then hit him up. Tight Lines and will catch ya on the next adventure right around the corner..........I have pike flies to tie and coffe to drink!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cheers Ad!!!

Ad Swier sent me this photo of him with a nice pike. He is a passionate as the day is long about pike just like the rest of us. If your still living under a rock and don't have "Passion for Pike" then you need to pick it up it's a must read for all pike on the fly anglers!!! Tight lines and will catch ya later this week!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Climax..........get ya some!
Iv'e been using Climax products for a while now and love it! Hands down the best stuff for my pike leaders. Go over and have a look see. Tight lines and grab some 100lb test by the horns!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chuckin Fluff in Vermont

Here are a few common scenes at any given moment..........sometimes it's not all about the pike.

Monday, September 6, 2010

WOBBLE HEADS "homestyle"

This is not a new concept for pike and musky fly fisherman. What is at least I think is what you use where you find it and how it performs. For a while now I have wanted to get maximum action out of my patterns maybe an extra edge to seal the deal. Not wanting to spend the money on magic heads "expensive" I knew I could come up with something. Dollar store suction cups......package of 12 for 3 thats a deal in my book! Well nuff said..... as the testing is still in progress I am liking what I see. !st flick was the lawn test with the rod that bites back the "pikesaber" handled it well real well. 2nd is some water footage from today. A little crude but you get the idea. The wind was down right nasty today........... Enjoy the flicks more to come Tight Lines and sharp hooks!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

For the Pike Nut!!!
Some real neat things for the pike junkie that you may know. I am liking the silver pike pin myself...........sweet! Have a look and tight lines. Weather here has changed for the better cooler temps weather in the 60's though the wind could settle down a bit but I think ole Earl has something to do with that. hoping for a morning shot at some pike...................

Friday, September 3, 2010

Build a zonker cutter.

This is a great video on building your own zonker cutter. I have a few skins in some real nice colors that need to be piked up! Enjoy the video. It's always better when you do things's why we tie flies!!! Tight Lines!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nice Vise!
Check out this vise pike guys!!!! Holds up to a 7/0 hook you know thats always a good thing!!! The design looks bangin too!!!! May have to nickle up a buy one hmmmmmmmmm...