Saturday, September 18, 2010

Money in the Bank!

Friday...what a great day!!! headed out on a new pike adventure with 2 things at hand to do. Have a good time and learn something new. I had both!!! Hooked up with guide and good buddy Drew Price of Stream and Brook Flyfishing This was a new style of tight commando pike on the fly that I was not used to but "hey suck it up and learn something right"! Tight fishing close to the bank at sometimes not much of a back cast at all. Slow retrieves and heavy flies were the ticket. I took from what i learned from Drew so I could apply it to my homewater. I truly believe that you need to have an open mind and be willing to put your ego aside when learning. I did that although alot of ribbing and joking was being had by both Drew and I. I did get him hooked on the pikesaber. The guys from Piktrek have been good to me so I promised them that every chance I had to put the rod in new hands I would.www.pikeflyrod.comDrew loves it and I am now thinking that I should lock my doors as they may come up missing!!! So what a day great knowledge and good company laughs and oh yeah angry fall pike. If your new to flyfishing or want to try pike o the fly D.P style then hit him up. Tight Lines and will catch ya on the next adventure right around the corner..........I have pike flies to tie and coffe to drink!!!

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