Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tandem Pickerel fly by Brian Wiprud

Snap Tandem Pickerel Fly: Perch
(Schmudts Surprise)

Schmudts Surprise

By Brian Wiprud

Publishers Note: A year or so ago Brian wrote an article for FAOL on Snap Tandems for Pickerel. The pickerel season is approaching and here is Brian's favorite fly for them - with the method of course.

1. Materials Required Include: 50lb+ Mono, 6lb Mono Tying Thread, Permanent Black Marker, Epoxy, Green/White/Red/Black Super Hair, Yellow/Pearl Krystal Flash, Two 2/0 Hooks Mustad 3366 or Equivalent), Yellow Flash Woven Plastic Weave Tube.

2. Thread two six-inch strands of 50lb mono through snap, fold in half, and weave four strands into one. Affix to shank of fore hook, making sure snap is positioned so that rear hook will be aligned vertically.

3. Slide on body tube from rear, slitting the front so that it reached the head of the fore hook. Tie in pace behind eye of fore hook, and tie in large lead eyes on top. Apply Crazy glue.

4. Tie in White Super hair for length of body, with Red Super Hair approximately the length of the shank on top of that. (This is the bottom of the fly.) Apply Crazy glue.

5. Turn the fly 180 degrees. Stack three materials: Black Super Hair on Green on Yellow Krystal Flash for length of body. Tie in at head, trying not to bind too tightly behind the lead eyes to keep a high profile for the fly's back. (This is the top of the fly.) Apply Crazy glue.

6. Spin fly 180 degrees to tie off rear of body tube at snap. Hold hair out of way with binder clip. Apply Crazy Glue.

7. Put second hook in vice and tie in tuft of Yellow Krystal Flash. This is the tail. Extra hooks in different colors can be tied and snapped onto the fly while angling to suit the mood of the fish. Apply Crazy glue.

8. Apply stick-on reflective eyes to ends of lead eyes. With permanent black marker, draw in side stripes from black top hair to top of the body tube.

9. Mix 5-minute epoxy, stirring gently to limit air bubbles. Apply epoxy with flat tooth pick to head of fly, completely encasing the stick-on eyes and hair tie-in. Avoid cementing shut the hook eye. Put fly on electric rotator or turn by hand until glue sets evenly. Also apply epoxy to head of rear hook and to body tube connection at head of snap. Allow epoxy to cure for 24 hours before use.

10. Completed and assembled snap-tandem fly. ~ Brian Wiprud

About Brian: Brian M. Wiprud is a New York City writer who fishes Pennsylvania and Massachusetts waters for pickerel and has published previously in American Angler, Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide and Fly Fishing Journal. He is also the author of the novel, Sleeps With Fishes, Reviewed here.

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