Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's going on????

Some of the friends and flies I have been hanging out with as of late. Stickin some nice Pickerel and a few pike and the occasional bass. Life's good and feelin fine!!! This is a great time of year to be a VT boy. Fall foliage , fresh apples , fresh hot cooked pies and the smell of a fresh wood stove burning. Ahh I love it!! You know when you surround yourself with positive things you enjoy and a loving familiy and good friends it don't get no better. Course big fall pike hittin streamers is a plus. Iv'e been throwing a rio full sink that my buddy Barry Reynolds sent me and I tell ya what it's a great line for probing those drop offs! Handles well a quick count down strip seem s to work the best for me. The middle picture is of a baby snapping turtle which my buddy Drew saw while we were floating a pike trip a few weeks ago. The big versions of these guys are not to be messed with as I have personally seen them snap a broom stick in half.........clean in half so let -em be!!! Bottom pic is one of my favorite big pike patterns "money in the bank" My buddy Brendan inspired this pattern...thanks dude!!! After a few Sam Adams I think I finally nailed it down to a T!!! So for now tight lines sharp hooks...get out and enjoy the fall air and remember to take a deep breath smell the air and have a look at whats around's way too short!!!

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