Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from pike gimmee some damn CANDY!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This and that............

Looking back over my pike season this year I have learned a and gained a little more......I have been blessed to be part of piketrek and handle the pikesaber. I v'e clocked alot of hours in on the water and some real good days and some slow days. Any day out chasin pike on the fly aint a bad day......From early season right up to ice up....throwing some fluff.......Life is grand to say the least. Red and white bunny flies E.P flies , big bucktail's..."my favorite".....and top water poppers. The pickerel bite for me was outstanding and I learned alot there as well. If anyone would like to be featured on Pike Adventures I would love to start a reader's followers favorite pike pattern. Just e-mail me the details tying instructions or story...what ever you want and I'll feature this on a picked come on be the 1st!!! E-Mail me at Thank you for all who have made P.A a success! Tight Lines and keep those hooks sharp....and send those pike...pickerel and musky fly photos and stories over!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Variations on a theme

Variations on a theme. Originated by Bill Murdich tied by many. These just plain catch fish. Tied for striped bass these have proved themselves as a top predator snack. this is good for us esox guys. top fly was tied by myself and the bottom 2 were from the guru of pike fly tying and fishing McFluffchucker. I have had good success with these baitfish patterns and find that they adapt well to tweaking and adding different materials. So have at it enjoy. My version was tied on a 2/0 mustad but have also tied some on tiemco 600 sp 3/0-5/0 hooks. Enjoy the flick.....Pikepicker.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

That's how we roll in Pike Country....

Yep that's about it...pike flies laughs ...cigars and good times with good friends...Thanks to John and Brendan for a bankers hours invite..I missed 2 but I don't care I love being around it all and I got to handle B'S 30 inch esox...right on dude...tight lines and get'em wet it's a great time to be out!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PT's Rattles and some Fun!!!

Received a parcel from my brother via piketrek.....very nice.!!! I am currently playing with the rattles. They are a breeze to tie with making noisy pike patterns a breeze!!! I cranked out a few deceivers and to say the least I am very impressed!!
For now I need to head back to the lab tie some more snacks up give 2 thumbs up to the fellas at Piketrek......nice work fellas.. i'm impressed!!! Tight lines for now!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday's best................

Here's a sweet pic of a pike I caught Sunday not a big guy but the take was down right angry...vicious and well out to kill. That's why I fly fish for pike...I feel sometimes the smaller pike seem to be more aggressive than the bigger guys. I mean this in a angry way..not always but sometimes. I have had big pike take real gentle then the hook know the drill. Any way enjoy and I hope your getting your line wet as well or tying some pike flies ..... maybe even thinking about making the switch from baitcasting and lures to fly fishing....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ugly Duck's Rod Care Products
A while back I spoke with U.D's via facebook about their innovative rod products. Come to find out they are Maine neighbors pretty sweet !!!. Being a Vermont fella we could relate to each other. Any way a few days later low and behold 3 sample pucks of formula "2" ferrule wax were sitting in my mailbox!!! Scribed on the package said "Ken The Pike Man Capsey"....very nice!!!! Now I promised them I would put it to use on all the rods I fished with for pike and so on. I can honestly say that I have never givin ferrule wax a second thought but I do now. I put it on and immediately liked the stuff. It makes sense to wax the ferrules up now and again....kinda like puttin oil in your car and keeping it tuned up...same concept. Well that's at least how I see it. They came in a handy small round metal canister that you can easily store in your boat bag or chest pack...shirt pocket if need be. I found that all my rods slid together nicely and did not have any rod twist that you may sometimes get with 4 piece rods. I chuck a hell of alotta fluff...well every second I get and I got alot of seconds!! I tested their formula "2" on a 2 piece rod when I was chasing pickerel this problems there as well and I believe that was at least 20 trips to that secret pond alone....I also and this is big for me like to chase pickerel on vintage gear meaning the old bamboo rods I have. Getting that sweet smooth pop when you take a rod apart is good meaning you have a tight connection and being able to gently put the rod together is a must!!! I used their formula "2" religiously in this aspect. To top that off their products are all environmentally friendly and all natural and that's a bonus in this day and age. All in all Pikepicker gives U.D. a big 2 thumbs up and continued support and best wishes for future success!!! Thanks guys!!! Also this is a little bit of gratitude they offer off their web site now how can you argue with that!!!!

US MILITARY: Active/Reserves/Vets, as long as we are still breathing we will pay shipping costs on any order. Period. Just email us at for more info about this small token of our gratitude.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Time and woodstoves!

Last nite was a great nite to be out on the water chucking fluff. We are expected to get 2 inches of rain starting today so the weather has turned to shit for a few days. I stuck 2 small jacks and a walleye. I was just enjoying being out but it's always better with a pike on your line eating big streamers. Flat calm and the smell of a wood stove burning hardwood......that's a great smell. Anyway 6inch perch colored e.p baitfish was what I was tossing. I had a quick snap at a chartreuse and white "Money in the Bank" before I switched. Full sink rio line and the pikesaber are my tools of the trade. Keep an eye on the weather and play it sfe when you venture out. Tight Lines Pike chasers!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh Yeah!!!!

Working on some pike patterns and getting out Weds evening for some pike. Happier than Uncle Jimmy and his 1 tooth! Be safe on the water Fall temps are cold and the water is too. New poster put up for the PFFA thanks to Dave McFluffchucker...tight work bro. If you like pike on the fly check out the PFFA it's a right bunch of good guys!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Great Baitfish step by step

eat me baitfish from PFFA on Vimeo.

This pattern screams eat me!!!! The lay out is great for pause and start tying. I will knocking out a few of these myself...well done brother!!!! Enjoy the video and get out and chuck some flies. If you can't tie some pike flies!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Money In the Bank"

Another simple variation a top producing pike fly for me. Same principle as tied originally just splayed the hackles outwards. I think this will add some drop dead sexy movement in the water that no predator will resist. 8 inches long back hook is a tiemco 600sp 1/0 and the front hook(clipped) 3/0 orvis pike and musky. Enjoy and tight lines remember brave the cold days pick and choose safe water... get out and chase some pike on the fly...fall is the time to strike it rich with big fish!!!
Oh and don't leave the glue cap off for too will get to ya after a while....or maybe not!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Front cover son!!!

Me on the hot new magazine sure to make a giant stir in the pike on the fly world. Not for sale in FINLAND. I asked my uncle a while back if he had ever been there to flyfish for pike...he said hed rather stick his finger in his eye socket for the price it costs to fish there. Lesson learned respect your elders and listen to uncle Jim even after 50 cans of steel reserve....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Winter time project............

This is a great step by step. Also having a good buddy who has built a few is an added bonus.....Click on the main part of the video for the rest of the steps!!Tight lines!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pike Aventures " Clip of the day"

Been a while since I updated a video. This was from this evening trip to location "x". Stuck 5 nice pickerel the biggest being 22 inches. Tight Lines and enjoy suckas!!!!!! Bro...thanks for the PFFA hoodie man....keepin me warm! The holes in the arm pits make for proper ventilation when things start to heat up!!!