Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Time and woodstoves!

Last nite was a great nite to be out on the water chucking fluff. We are expected to get 2 inches of rain starting today so the weather has turned to shit for a few days. I stuck 2 small jacks and a walleye. I was just enjoying being out but it's always better with a pike on your line eating big streamers. Flat calm and the smell of a wood stove burning hardwood......that's a great smell. Anyway 6inch perch colored e.p baitfish was what I was tossing. I had a quick snap at a chartreuse and white "Money in the Bank" before I switched. Full sink rio line and the pikesaber are my tools of the trade. Keep an eye on the weather and play it sfe when you venture out. Tight Lines Pike chasers!!!

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