Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Money In the Bank"

Another simple variation a top producing pike fly for me. Same principle as tied originally just splayed the hackles outwards. I think this will add some drop dead sexy movement in the water that no predator will resist. 8 inches long back hook is a tiemco 600sp 1/0 and the front hook(clipped) 3/0 orvis pike and musky. Enjoy and tight lines remember brave the cold days pick and choose safe water... get out and chase some pike on the fly...fall is the time to strike it rich with big fish!!!
Oh and don't leave the glue cap off for too will get to ya after a while....or maybe not!


  1. Hey!

    I really like those flies, those are by far my own favourites also. Except i also tie in the deer hair revers and put xtra windings on front of it to get it to splay more. Lastly I add palmered marabou in front of the deer hair!

    Fantastic movement in the water!


  2. thanks Jani....positive feed back is great and very appreciated...cheers mate...would you like to have your flies posted on P.A....would love to see em!!