Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday's best................

Here's a sweet pic of a pike I caught Sunday not a big guy but the take was down right angry...vicious and well out to kill. That's why I fly fish for pike...I feel sometimes the smaller pike seem to be more aggressive than the bigger guys. I mean this in a angry way..not always but sometimes. I have had big pike take real gentle then the hook know the drill. Any way enjoy and I hope your getting your line wet as well or tying some pike flies ..... maybe even thinking about making the switch from baitcasting and lures to fly fishing....


  1. Durbs I would man but 8o + pike so far this year say it's ok............i'm not opposed to trying new things so wait and see son!

  2. james my man why on earth get rid of the swivel

  3. Really diggin that low angle. The pattern on that fish is super sweet. I really wanna get after those toothy guys!