Thursday, October 28, 2010

This and that............

Looking back over my pike season this year I have learned a and gained a little more......I have been blessed to be part of piketrek and handle the pikesaber. I v'e clocked alot of hours in on the water and some real good days and some slow days. Any day out chasin pike on the fly aint a bad day......From early season right up to ice up....throwing some fluff.......Life is grand to say the least. Red and white bunny flies E.P flies , big bucktail's..."my favorite".....and top water poppers. The pickerel bite for me was outstanding and I learned alot there as well. If anyone would like to be featured on Pike Adventures I would love to start a reader's followers favorite pike pattern. Just e-mail me the details tying instructions or story...what ever you want and I'll feature this on a picked come on be the 1st!!! E-Mail me at Thank you for all who have made P.A a success! Tight Lines and keep those hooks sharp....and send those pike...pickerel and musky fly photos and stories over!

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  1. Thanks Ken for a great season of posts. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will be whipping up on your vise this winter.