Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ugly Duck's Rod Care Products
A while back I spoke with U.D's via facebook about their innovative rod products. Come to find out they are Maine neighbors pretty sweet !!!. Being a Vermont fella we could relate to each other. Any way a few days later low and behold 3 sample pucks of formula "2" ferrule wax were sitting in my mailbox!!! Scribed on the package said "Ken The Pike Man Capsey"....very nice!!!! Now I promised them I would put it to use on all the rods I fished with for pike and so on. I can honestly say that I have never givin ferrule wax a second thought but I do now. I put it on and immediately liked the stuff. It makes sense to wax the ferrules up now and again....kinda like puttin oil in your car and keeping it tuned up...same concept. Well that's at least how I see it. They came in a handy small round metal canister that you can easily store in your boat bag or chest pack...shirt pocket if need be. I found that all my rods slid together nicely and did not have any rod twist that you may sometimes get with 4 piece rods. I chuck a hell of alotta fluff...well every second I get and I got alot of seconds!! I tested their formula "2" on a 2 piece rod when I was chasing pickerel this problems there as well and I believe that was at least 20 trips to that secret pond alone....I also and this is big for me like to chase pickerel on vintage gear meaning the old bamboo rods I have. Getting that sweet smooth pop when you take a rod apart is good meaning you have a tight connection and being able to gently put the rod together is a must!!! I used their formula "2" religiously in this aspect. To top that off their products are all environmentally friendly and all natural and that's a bonus in this day and age. All in all Pikepicker gives U.D. a big 2 thumbs up and continued support and best wishes for future success!!! Thanks guys!!! Also this is a little bit of gratitude they offer off their web site now how can you argue with that!!!!

US MILITARY: Active/Reserves/Vets, as long as we are still breathing we will pay shipping costs on any order. Period. Just email us at for more info about this small token of our gratitude.

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