Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm back !!!

Bare with me folks of fluff as pikepicker's location has changed but the same nutty craziness is still abound. To all my friends and followers who have stuck by my side I thank you from the bottom of my redneck heart...now go grab a beer!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


hello pike pickers and Friends around the world
going to be taking a little sabbatical over the winter to sort some stuff out , for full updates check out mcfluffchuckers blog
my brother Dave will let you all know when I'm back up

thanks Friends

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday's Pike Session............

54 degrees no wind..well a slight chop and alot of sun. Get out while the gettins good I say. Big double bunnies , deceiver's and the "money in the bank" pink version drew us strikes fished slow on the bottom in sub shallow water with intermediate lines worked well. The lake level is high and the shallows are getting some small ice up..but not much. All in all We had a great day , laughs and a few follows and some hook ups. Like to try and get back out today as the weather this week is not looking so sharp but who knows. A big shout out to my buddy Brendan who is turning up the heat with his camera...the thing has a telescope lens that might reach the out reaches of space. thanks alot B! Tight Lines get out there and chuck some fluff..be safe!!! Ill post more pics of the weekends venture in the next post!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My son starts to tie pike flies............

My son Kaiden a.k.a "little Fluff" has been asking to sit a tie a pike fly for a while. It's hard when he's all about spongebob and shows with trains and such. He sat down tonite and with a little help...some but not much tied up a pattern he calls the "dumb bell". I think he did a wonderful job for 6years old and he came away happy and proud of his work. I found that setting out materials that were easy to tie with big and bulky so he could get a handle on them worked best. An assortment of colors for him to pick from really helped too! I don't want to push him into anything but I figure the more he asks the more interested he is and that's a good thing!!! Very proud of you Kaiden and we will keep at it. He picked out his own thread...orange danville + and a 2/0 mustad. It was alot of fun listening to him ask questions and talk about flyfishing..........these are things you will never forget! Get your sons and daughters ..... grand kids , students or who ever into tying , it's a great feeling!! Tight Lines!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


For a full line of predator snacks..look no further. There on the menu today for me in smaller 4-5 inch versions and the pike love em!!! Just waiting for the water to warm up so another cup of coffee is in order! All step by steps can be found there so don't worry Dave and I try not to leave anything out and want things to be as clear as possible so anyone can enjoy tying and fishing these patterns! My personal favorite is red and white. Tie and fishem....become a subbug nut!!! Let us know what you think!! Tight Lines and fish em hard it's the subbug way!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dycker's Pike on the Fly

This is a great video and visit the web site http://www.dyckers.com Cheers Edwin! A pickpicker 2 thumbs up!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bucktails...My point of view.

Bucktails to me are a special when chasing pike on the fly. Without a doubt one of the most deadliest materials to tie pike flies with. One can mix match colors...Hollow tie with it and so on. It takes well to synthetics blended in and is a great material for beginners to tie with. Being a self taught tier I learned alot through trail and error back in the day and when I accidentally caught a pike on a bucktail well the rest is history. So down to business. I like to keep a bulk profile on my patterns. Now these are not big about 4-5 inches long but this so happens to be what the pike for me a keying in on right now so give 'em what they want! The top pattern has stuck a few pike as of late and a poattern that has been a good stand by for me. Krystal flash , chenille and peacock herl all of a tiers basic goods. This is as solid as the day is long and aint going to bust to shit on ya. With the addition of an epoxy head you can't go wrong.
Ole Red and Yellow. Can't beat it! Now the body was made with mylar diamond braid...great except I forgot to zap a gap the body before wrapping. Bad mistake shred to shit after 3 fish. Now this pattern will still catch it's fair share without the flash body but it could have been prevented. One thing to remember is that your building a pattern to catch and trick pike , pickerel , musky and so on. build your patterns solid. I say this because in the past I have tied patterns molded after famous streamers and such. Some of those patterns call for ribbing tinsel and what not. To me and this is just my point of view..... is to avoid the tinsel but keep with the color scheme instead. Use tinsel but coat it with a hardener or Mr. bond even epoxy. If you don't like that approach then use a solid material such as wool yarn or chenille. This will last you alot longer then wrapping the tinsel through a dubbed body and after 1 pike have the rib fall apart. Another thing to remember is that not all bucktails are created equal. Some are stiff and wiry and near impossible to tie with. Be selective at the local shop. Pick through till you find ones that have nice long solid straight hairs. Those for me are the best to make pike flies with. Also a 3/0 thread or a gsp and mono are all good threads for pike flies. Budget your $ and buy the best hooks you can afford. I like the orvis pike and musky hooks and at 4.95 you can't go wrong. They are sharp as hell and are nice to tie with. anything from 4/0-8/0 are my standard size but you can go with what's workin for you. Hope this helps aid in your quest for building better bucktails and fishing them for pike and so on. These are just my thoughts. You may agree or disagree and that what makes the world go round! Feel free to contact me if you want. Till then tight lines strong fish and enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jack Attack.........

Well 1 hr to fish stuck 3 fish. Not big at all but it aint about the size. I'm not going to sit here and bullshit and lie and say all I catch are big pike and such. I just like the whole esox family and yes it's nice to tag a big boy and have him run ya hard but that's what the pikesaber is for...brakes on landed fast and back in the water..done deal. Love me or hate me it's what I do... Tomorrow I want to get into detail about bucktails and how they play a big roll in pike fly fishing my thoughts and ideas so if your interested people of the fluff......stay tuned...just like McFluff said don't forget your camera and stay safe it's cold in the water.......

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Do It Yourself

From "stripers online". This is a great step by step on cleaning up bucktails. I have a friend who cuts deer on the side so I've been promised 50+ bucktails. At 6.00 a pop at the flyshop you do the math...I say i'm coming out on top.......Tight Lines and sharp hooks!

What you will need:
Wisk Laundry Detergent - red bottle
Ivory Liquid soap
RIT White-Wash
Piping hot water
1 5 gal. bucket
1 milk crate or huge collendar
1 wicked shahp knife
1 pair utility shears
1 large comb
1 hair brush
3/4" plywood
1 fan
tons of bloody, greezy, snotty, muddy BT

1. Debone the BT. Take the knife and insert under the hide at the base of the tail and make a continuous cut exposing the bone underneath. You will now know why you need a "wicked shahp knife." Peel back the hide and remove the tail bone. I like to have two people if you are going to be doing a ton of them. 1 person debones and the other preps for degreasing.

2. Prep for degreasing. Take the deboned BT and scrape off the residual fat and trim away any and all that you can at this point. Fat is what makes that rancid smell later in the year and endears your to your betrothed. I also like to use a knife or utility shears to trim the base of the tail and eliminate the parts of the BT that I won't be using. Now it your time to get a nice, clean BT shape. Take your time.

3. Take the 5 gal. pail and fill 2/3 with piping hot water. Add in 1 packet of RIT White Wash, 1/2 cup or so of Ivory liquid dish washing sop and 1/4 a cup of Wisk Liquid Laundry Detergent. Put in upto 12 BT per pail and swish around thoroughly. When you think your done, swish some more.

4. Let it soak for three (3) days. Yes that is correct three (3) days. Stir occasionally. I do mine in my basement garage and give it a swish with a smashed hockey stick every time I come in or go out of the garage. DO NOT POUND the BT. The longer they soak, the more supple and tear able the BT becomes. Swishing in a circular motion seems to work very well.

5. After three (3) days, take and train the whole bucket into a sink into a milk crate or VERY large colander. Keep luke warm water running and rinse off each individual tail. By this time, all the blood clots, mud spots and other nasties should be sufficiently loosened or gone completely. Play the BT back and forth in your hand, removing all the degreasing solution. Again, be very gentle during this phase. The BT can tear easily.

6. As you rinse out the BT, squeeze out as much of the water as possible. DO NOT WRING THE BT - it will disnetgrate. Then place each BT in between 2-4 sheets of papertowels.

7. Now bring the BT to that sheet of plywood. Lay them out nicely and neatly. How they look now, is how they will dry and harden. Take some pride and time in laying them out. I usually lay them out with the hide facing up. Make sure they are all lined up nicely and there are no wrinkles or folds in the hide. Take a second sheet of plywood and place it gently over the BT making a nice plywood - BT - plywood sandwich. I like to clamp the sides and put bricks scattered randomly on the top. Point the fan to go between the plywood sheets and leave them like that for one (1) day. Do not let them get moldy. The purpose of this step is to simple yield your nice, straight, clean BT. All you are doing it shaping the final hide imprint.

8. After one (1) day, remove the clamps and plywood. Be gentle as some of the BT will stick to the top sheet of plywood as it is removed. While the BT is still fragile, it is beginning to toughen up.

9. Flip over all the BT with the hair side up. Use the brush and comb to stylize all the hair. If you want straight BT, this is how you do it. Be sure to follow the natural flow of the BT hide.

10. Carefully, not ruining your nice Paul Mitchell-like styling job, flip the BT over again with the hide side up. Liberally encrust the hide with the Borax. When in doubt, use more. The borax draws out the moisture and serves to cure the hide. I now put that second plywood sheet pack on, clamps back on and bricks back on and leave for 2-3 days with the fan blowing on it.

11. After about two or three days, take the clamps, bricks and plywood off. You will now see what I mean by nice, clean straight BT.

12. Now flip over the BT with the hair side up and let the fan dry that side for 3-4 days or better yet, a week. I know it seems long, but if you short cut this phase, when you put your BT away and then take them out to tie, they will be all moldy and rancid and you will have to start all over again.

13. After a week of fanning the fur side, flip the BT over again and re apply borax liberally. Use new Borax as the stuff on the plywood has a high moisture content weather you can feel it or not. Now put the fan on the BT and dry this side, with the Borax for 1 week. If you have done everything correctly, you are now done. You should have nice, clean, degreased, flat and straight BT with amazing fur to tie up flies, cod flies, jigs or anything you desire.

One small note, If you never use the brown center of the BT, you can trim it out with a new razor blade. Flip the BT hide side up and trace the dark hide from the light hide. This will cut away the left, center and right parts of the BT leaving you with nice clean, straight white BT to tie.