Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bucktails...My point of view.

Bucktails to me are a special when chasing pike on the fly. Without a doubt one of the most deadliest materials to tie pike flies with. One can mix match colors...Hollow tie with it and so on. It takes well to synthetics blended in and is a great material for beginners to tie with. Being a self taught tier I learned alot through trail and error back in the day and when I accidentally caught a pike on a bucktail well the rest is history. So down to business. I like to keep a bulk profile on my patterns. Now these are not big about 4-5 inches long but this so happens to be what the pike for me a keying in on right now so give 'em what they want! The top pattern has stuck a few pike as of late and a poattern that has been a good stand by for me. Krystal flash , chenille and peacock herl all of a tiers basic goods. This is as solid as the day is long and aint going to bust to shit on ya. With the addition of an epoxy head you can't go wrong.
Ole Red and Yellow. Can't beat it! Now the body was made with mylar diamond braid...great except I forgot to zap a gap the body before wrapping. Bad mistake shred to shit after 3 fish. Now this pattern will still catch it's fair share without the flash body but it could have been prevented. One thing to remember is that your building a pattern to catch and trick pike , pickerel , musky and so on. build your patterns solid. I say this because in the past I have tied patterns molded after famous streamers and such. Some of those patterns call for ribbing tinsel and what not. To me and this is just my point of view..... is to avoid the tinsel but keep with the color scheme instead. Use tinsel but coat it with a hardener or Mr. bond even epoxy. If you don't like that approach then use a solid material such as wool yarn or chenille. This will last you alot longer then wrapping the tinsel through a dubbed body and after 1 pike have the rib fall apart. Another thing to remember is that not all bucktails are created equal. Some are stiff and wiry and near impossible to tie with. Be selective at the local shop. Pick through till you find ones that have nice long solid straight hairs. Those for me are the best to make pike flies with. Also a 3/0 thread or a gsp and mono are all good threads for pike flies. Budget your $ and buy the best hooks you can afford. I like the orvis pike and musky hooks and at 4.95 you can't go wrong. They are sharp as hell and are nice to tie with. anything from 4/0-8/0 are my standard size but you can go with what's workin for you. Hope this helps aid in your quest for building better bucktails and fishing them for pike and so on. These are just my thoughts. You may agree or disagree and that what makes the world go round! Feel free to contact me if you want. Till then tight lines strong fish and enjoy!!!!