Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My son starts to tie pike flies............

My son Kaiden a.k.a "little Fluff" has been asking to sit a tie a pike fly for a while. It's hard when he's all about spongebob and shows with trains and such. He sat down tonite and with a little help...some but not much tied up a pattern he calls the "dumb bell". I think he did a wonderful job for 6years old and he came away happy and proud of his work. I found that setting out materials that were easy to tie with big and bulky so he could get a handle on them worked best. An assortment of colors for him to pick from really helped too! I don't want to push him into anything but I figure the more he asks the more interested he is and that's a good thing!!! Very proud of you Kaiden and we will keep at it. He picked out his own thread...orange danville + and a 2/0 mustad. It was alot of fun listening to him ask questions and talk about flyfishing..........these are things you will never forget! Get your sons and daughters ..... grand kids , students or who ever into tying , it's a great feeling!! Tight Lines!


  1. thats so cool mate well done little fluffer

  2. Huh..cannot remember the last time I tied and Spongebob was not on. My daughter likes to tie as well.

  3. little fluff your the man much better than the big mcfluffchucker.............

    Only joking great to see ken i hope my boy like s fishing when he gets a bit older

    Tony the anchor man(ask dave)

  4. Hang on to the dumb-bell. It will be something to cherish for years to come!

    Nice work Little Fluff.

  5. I love you "little fluff" and am sooo happy that you and your dad had a fly tying fest together! Can't wait to see what else comes from that creative mind of yours.