Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday's Pike Session............

54 degrees no wind..well a slight chop and alot of sun. Get out while the gettins good I say. Big double bunnies , deceiver's and the "money in the bank" pink version drew us strikes fished slow on the bottom in sub shallow water with intermediate lines worked well. The lake level is high and the shallows are getting some small ice up..but not much. All in all We had a great day , laughs and a few follows and some hook ups. Like to try and get back out today as the weather this week is not looking so sharp but who knows. A big shout out to my buddy Brendan who is turning up the heat with his camera...the thing has a telescope lens that might reach the out reaches of space. thanks alot B! Tight Lines get out there and chuck some safe!!! Ill post more pics of the weekends venture in the next post!

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