Monday, February 28, 2011

DIY on the cheap....

Hairtstacker 101. Fed up with the over priced undersized store bought deals. Here is how I roll. I built this dirt bag stacker over a year ago because I just couldn't get enough bucktail in the ones I had. I wasn't about to drop $$$ on a tool I knew I could build myself. The pictures are pretty self explanatory and the materials are found at the local caft / hardware store. Enjoy and tight lines.

Materials...and it aint much....

1-nail hammer to nock out your foam base.

2-3mm foam

3-copper pipe


  1. Made one out of an MM mini tube. Works great on the super long bucktails I use.

  2. I'll give you five bucks and homebrew for one Ken.

  3. Did you at least plug up the pipe after you cut that off it? Damned redneck...