Saturday, February 26, 2011

pike snacks.............

So sitting at the bench with all sorts of bucktails and feathers gets me amped up. nothin really beats a fresh bucktail and even better when they are of local stock. I get ample amounts of tails from hunting buddies which is great. Maybe this year I will be able to hand one to myself with the old recurve bow....but that is another story for another time. So I have been working in the lab on a few select ties for spring and finished off some patterns for Nick over at Deer Creek. So I set out to whip up some of these off springs of my "money in the bank" pattern which for me has been a cracker of a pattern when all else has failed. So adding pike catching ingredients spawned this natural disaster. Magnum bunny strip which I prefer to cut myself from whole hides because I prefer at times to have a wider strip. An older post I put up a while back will show you how I cut my hides. I use bucktail for a foul guard ..just a personal prefrence. Add some krystal flash some peacock herl and leave enoch room behind the dumbell eyes to flare my bucktail. The bucktail is best flared by using the tail end of the bucktail. Your choice of hook and size. I like 2/0-6/0 for these but it's up to you. The action I think will drive Mr. esox into a drooling feeding frenzy but will see. I like to fish these styles on an intermediate line and a full sink line with short erratic strips to fast strips to crawling strips depending on the pikes mood. Get some tied up and lets see what you come up with for results. The last picture is Mr. Money himself just no dumbell eyes. I like to switch it up a bit. The color schemes are endless and it's really up to the tier as to what tickles your fancy so to speak. So for now tight lines and good tyin...........pikepicker burried in 700 feet of snow...


  1. Nice flies Ken. I especially like the second one...looks deadly.

  2. nice brother and that first one youve given me an idea ...............

  3. Thanks Jeff I think they are going to stick a few pike....:-)
    Cheers bro...we will fish em when you get here!