Friday, March 18, 2011

1st pike trip of the year....

The 1st trip of the year. It was a beautiful sunny 50 degree wind and tons of sun.......and snow. I fished a local pond dude to it's steady out flow and shallow water. Not really much to report as it's still early and it's hit and miss. All in all it was a great day to get out and chuck some fluff. I did manage to see a hatch of early stones...2 Robins and a handful of redwing black birds. Winter's grip is letting loose slowly but surley!! Tight lines and i'll keep ya posted on this weekends venture.


  1. Always nice to see that winter grip letting up. Getting really nice here in Pa, gonna get out tomorrow for some muskies despite the water being a bit high and still pretty cold. Even if it's just to walk through the motions it's gonna be so good to get out and chuck some of the new creations from the winter.

  2. Always nice to see those early black stones. Once that flow opens to the main lake it will be on!

  3. Hmmmm. Interesting. I've got to try this pike thing sometime.