Monday, March 7, 2011

Storage on the skinny............

The local craft store had a sale.....that's always good news. For 8.99 I picked up this 12by12 art box and a full sheet of 6mm craft foam .69 cents. Good deal I say. I was looking for a solution for storing my pike/musky bugs with deer hair. I love the fin sport wallets but they tend to crush the heads. This was a simple hot glue gun fix and hot damn big bug store for Mr. Money ..... will see how it holds up this season and will report back my findings. Looking forward to spring but 3 ft of snow makes that dream seem distant. Tight lines and happy tying!!!!


  1. nice brother im going to head and find some

  2. Nice rig and even better looking flies.

  3. First off great flies. What is at the front of the fly head? I can't agree more with the craft store flybox sale, I had a bunch of HUGE musky stuff to take to the philly show and nothing big enough to keep them in. My girlfriend pointed them out while I was shopping for foam, seemed logical to put them together. You can also get a sweet meat locker at Lowe's, it's a metal box with 2 clips on the front, cost about $15 but holds quite a few giant bugs.