Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Welcome aboard Mr. Socko. This is a joke of a fly that I have been going on about for months now. After seeing the results it don't look half bad and if ole esox eats it just once then mission accomplished. People always say tossin pike flies is like tossin a "wet sock" as people usually refer to that statement as "wet bunny rabbit". I say bullshit to that statement. If you have a rod thats able to throw those "wet socks like the pike saber does then no worries.... bring on Mr. Socko. This is a large brand new out of the package tube sock.....lord knows I wouldn't catch but probably kill everything in a 40 mile radius if I tied it on and fished one of my old white socks. Socko is tied on a 4/0 mustad tarpon hook and a few strands of flash. Not a new concept in design and white has always been good to me. Some dummy eyes in the front and some solid whips and there you have it. plain and simple I love the esox family and i love fly fishing and tying for them. A nut job or way too obsessed...maybe but I don't give a rats ass. i missed a donkey of a pike the other day on my "Money in the Bank" red and white had it in her mouth and just didn't stick.....oh well it's what keeps me going you know. Tight lines and remember you saw it here and let me know what you think.....