Wednesday, April 20, 2011

weekend update!

The temps here in VT have been up and down. Cold and warm cold and warm. I have been out 5 times so far with a few flollows to show for it. The follows have been by the bigger girls. Had a quick hook up last nite. I have been workin smaller bunny bugs in red and white and fishing a rio sinking intermediate line. The bunny flys are on 1/0 mustads and have a dumbell eye. This fly has taken more bigger pike for me than any other fly in my arsenal. Last year this fly put 2 back to back 10lb pike in my hands in 3ft of water. Not to toot my own horn but thats pretty good. You be the judge. Any way here is a step by step on tying my friend Barry's bunny bug and a pic of last years 3ft of water pike.....enjoy and tight lines!!!

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