Monday, May 9, 2011

A Fly's Life.........

Hands tying your own flies is the way to go. Ask yourself how many times in a pinch or when you bought flies after a few casts they just fell apart. Hard earned cash wasted and that's no good. I remember way back in the day I bought a selection of clouser minnows from the big chain sports store. Was a good deal so I got them and tied one on my leader...2 casts and all I had left was the dumbell eyes. WTF!!! I had been tying flies and after that I decided that I was never going to buy another fly again and tie all my own flies. I was 15 then and did not have allot of cash. So what I'm trying to get at you can't buy quality only make quality. That's how I feel every time I tie my pike flies and bass flies. I know hands down that each step , each thread is tight , glued , and using only the best materials and hooks. Case in point I have been tying E.P. patterns for pike for a while. When my brother Dave came over last year he sat down and did a E.P. style using his touch and method. I watched in amazement how he builds his flies and the quality that goes into them as well. This was no special pattern just a generic olive and white E.P. pattern with some flash and some marker stripes. This bait fish pattern has landed well over 50 fish for me. I fish it because it works , it's VERY durable and just because Dave tied it for me. I was thinking of retiring it but then why would I do that it's still got 100 more fish to go and probably more I think. My point is if you know someone who ties flies support them. ask to sit and watch so you can make your own flies. Care and quality are things you can't really buy. Plus catching fish on your own hand tied it don't get much better than that. tight lines ...tight wraps and hang on tight!!!!


  1. thanks brother for the kind words and add a new coat of varnish to the nose and it will be good for at least another 100 heres to top water action in july cant wait to see my american family again

  2. you can't deny quality! Great post