Monday, May 2, 2011

Subbuggin action at it's finest!!


A big mouth full!!!

26 inches and full of piss and vinagar!!!

For those of you who follow the blog you know that Dave and I have a sub bug site. It's all things sub bugs for predators. These are simply some of the best pike snacks around period. It's like the fly rod version of a stick bait and jerk bait all in one. I had a good morning out for ole esox and caught 3 with a yellow version I whipped up. Fished on an intermediate line these seemed to irresistible for Mr. pike. Here's some pics and go over to our sub bug site for step by step tying instruction and videos...Tight Lines all!!!


  1. Nice fish Ken. Do you epoxy in the eyes to add a little weight to the front of the fly?

  2. thanks Jeff....I epoxy the eyes and a lite coat on the head and under neath just to bullet proof and weight the fly....whats been working for you pike wise with fly selection in your neck of the woods??

  3. oh great. Now I have a northern pike fishing jones. I might try these sub bugs for some bass action as well. Nicely done.