Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"hell cats" and some Pike Adventures...

A may fly dun....HELP ME identify!!

E.P. perch pattern under water...good stuff!

Broke my personal best. 25.25 inches long Happy fluffchucker!!


Drew Price say's stick em up !!!!!

"hell cat" black and purple version....

Version # 2 this looks sick swimmin over top of weed beds. These are tied on orvis pike and musky 4/0 hooks. I really like these hooks for this style of fly. Lots of room to work on and they are sharp as hell!!So there you have it. The flies the fish and good times. Tight Lines and bent rods!


  1. Slate Drake spinner ... Isonychia bicolor ... nice fish.

  2. Awesome fish!! would love for u to take me out sometime!!