Monday, August 22, 2011

The "tallywacker"

One of my pike and musky flies as of late. This is a 9 inch articulated tandem snack. Water tested on a sinking and intermediate rio 10 wt line this thing id the fly rodders version of a rapala! The key...hollow tying and lots of it and half a chicken too. My musky venture was cut short due to lightning so stay tuned as I will be puttin these patterns on the testing grounds from Miss Bay to N.Y.!! 4/0 hook in front and 3/0 in the back mustads. Tight lines folks!!!


  1. Looks good, but needs to be in fluorescent orange :-)

  2. this fly looks awesome Ken, do it in fluo.Orange front also:)

  3. dude those tallywhackers are feckin cool , dom the buisness as well , spot on brother

    perch better than fluro orange anyday ......