Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tight Ass Tip 101!!

While tying up some pike/musky flies the other day I needed some prism sticky eyes. Well low and behold I was out. Time to improvise. Never count a good tier out! So here you have it. Maybe you do this or maybe you don't but it work's slick as shit for me. All you need is a trip to the craft store.

1. sticky back prism paper. They sell these in a wide range of colors for 60 cents I think.

2. paper punch your choice in size . I have 2 versions. 1/8 and a 3/16th. 4.99$

3. Fine point pen or a marker what ever works for you.

Following the pics and material list you should get the drift. Tight Lines and enjoy. This is enough to make 100 eyes atleast. On deceiver heads coated with 5 minute epoxy I can't tell the difference between mine and the fly shops and I dropped less than 10 bucks!!!

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