Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pike Adventures..........

Cooler temps shorter evenings and yep the sweet smell of a woodstove in the distance. My favorite time of year and the pike bite is pretty good too! Fat willing to eat pike eating big wads of feathers , fur and bucktail. A fly fisherman's best shot a fat fall pike. The smaller ones are eager as well so don't count them out as they fight like junk yard dogs. Lately I have been tossing snacks on the 10 inch and over side and with big bucktail heads with lots of flash to get some attention. Water clarity varies from spot to spot I fish so having plenty of flashy colors right down to natural or neutral colors helps. Don't be afraid to fish those odd colors as well as sometimes the strange and out of the ordinary color in a pike's world will cause them to eat and kill anything that seems strange or vulnerable. I try to think like a predator sometimes and it's the best game plan to start with. Here are some pictures of some recent outings. Big and small no matter the size they are all worthy when you love what you do "pike , pickerel and musky" all have a place in my heart! Tight Lines and keep safe on the water whether on foot or in the boat!


  1. Nice stuff Ken...sure do love the fall.

  2. Dude, get you a boga grip and stop grabbin' teeth.

  3. Just noticed the Eldredge Bros. hat in the pike pic. Did you get a chance to stop by there recently?