Monday, November 14, 2011 ... RELEASE.

This past weekend yeiled a nice musky and a few follows. The 20 count down and slow strip method. Cool water temps and spittin snow. I love late fall in the north country....... Big Flies and angry fish. Keep your eyes peeled as my buddy Brian Price and I are takin on a side project of big flies and custom bucktails sure to please. Winter is long here and nothin beats having a side project to wittle away on while the snow piles up out side. We will keep ya posted.........


  1. Brian Price? Why does that name sound like I should know it?

  2. Hey Dustin,
    Brian here..Not sure where we may know each other..could be through tying or fishing, I'm sure, between the Deschutes or Pulaski?That narrows it down LOL..maybe the Ditch Pickle Classic or through Dave Lindsay or Capsey? Either way, nice to meet you..
    Brian Price