Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Musky tossers............

Some things you just have to work at. Musky fly fishing is one of them. You may be lucky to nab one on a 1st outing but don't think for one second it's gonna happen again. Atleast it don't happen for me. I love the challange the time of year and every hard thing that comes along with it. When it all comes together ..well sweet victory! I had 2 hook ups and lost both and you know what....victory...I love being around those fish. Big flies ...good friends and good food....nothin better.


  1. I LOVE fly fishing for Musky! Check out my blog when ya get a chance, I have some various bug pics that I use for the Musky here on the Susquehanna River. (bigflychucker)

  2. Every musky I've ever tied into on a fly rod was when I wasn't fishing for them. Terrific fish though.