Tuesday, November 22, 2011

P.A.'s 2 thumbs up!!!

This time of year demands warmer clothing. Yup 30's and 40's with 50 degree days being a heat wave. It is also the best time to be out before ice up and catch that monster pike or musky on the fly. Well I love being out side anyway wether they are hittin flies or not. My one favorite piece of gear???? Carharrt heavy duty flannel. well priced, comfy as hell and looks pretty snazzy as well. Here's a link to the carharrt site. http://www.carhartt.com Jerimiah Johnson would kill to get his hands on these shirts. Tight Lines!


  1. I'ts a beautiful time of the year, not too hot not too cold. And the muskies are are ready to hammer the biggest thing you can chuck at em. Check out my blog if ya get a chance I love tying stuff to hunt muskies. I'ts bigflychucker.

  2. But it still aint a Filson...