Wednesday, December 28, 2011

VFG bucktails

Taking care of my stash......... Northern VT deer tails for pike and musky flies. Wash and dry....let sit.... wash and dry so on and so on. Era luandry detergent.....never seen whiter whites!!! It's a big learning curve and i'm new to the tail care but i'm learning. I also helps keep my mind on great patterns and the comming of spring. Right now it's blowing and freezing cold like 1 degree outside. Love my wood stove!!! Happy tying folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas ...Henry Rollins style.


From Pike Adventures..Merry Christmas to you all and have a safe and wonderful New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A nice Letter from friend at P.A.

Hey Ken,

I have had some insane Pike Adventures over the years in Vermont & New York. Growing up spin fishing for them in Lake Champlain, Monkton Pond, Lake Hortonia, Bristol Pond, Lake Dunmore, Otter Creek and the Lemon Fair. On lures I landed several over the 40 inch mark. I never, ever fished for Trout like most of my friends. Hiking up steep terrain to catch 7 inch Brookies could not compare to the viscous attach a lunker Pike made on a 8 inch top-water wooden lure. However when I started to fly fish it made more sense, but I never, ever wanted to stop chasing pike.

Now I am searching for my first 40 inch Pike on a fly.

In 2011 I did get close to that mark twice. Two Master Class Pike stand out a 36" & 37" both landed on Otter Creek while wading and chucking huge flies. Both were massive and put my 10 foot Orvis 8wt. to the test. Landing them that big with out a net by yourself is a challenge. I moved a FEW that were bigger and just getting a miss or swirl gets my heart pumping!

I did help Jake Haigh land a 40 inch Pike this summer...

This was an epic Pike Adventure for sure & it ended with Jake holding up his first ever 4o inch Pike, his grin said it all! Jake is my girlfriend's cousin and we fish & golf a bunch. He only spin fishes, mostly top-water for Bass. We chase Pike & Bass in small ponds all over the state in my canoe. I use my fly rod and he chucks Rubber Frogs, Jitter Bugs & Hula poppers mostly.

So we were fishing that August afternoon on Otter Creek in my canoe and we had a few follows and strikes from good size ones. We each landed several small Pike and Smallmouths Bass. I had dug out some of my old Pike lures and brought them along. I tossed Jake a 8 inch stick-bait and after about 10 cast he got a hit that was insane. He was using a small rod maybe a 5 footer the reel spooled with 8lb test that he has not changed in years. Anyway it was a crazy battle. I beached the canoe, jumped out and was able to grab the Pike enough to get it out of the water. A random dude was hanging out and took the pic of both of us. Before this Pike Jake had never landed one much over 30inches!

A month later in this same spot I landed a 36 incher which was fat & at the time my biggest Pike ever on a fly rod. This time I was alone and wading. A few cast before I landed a 28 inch Pike that tore me up & jumped once. This was about a month after the FLOOD and the Creek was down for the first time. I was using a fly my buddy Charlie gave me he night before, called the "Fur Burger". He claimed to have landed over 75 Pike on that pattern so far this season!

Then a few days after an epic Steeelhead trip this November I was trying out some new Vermont Fly Guys flies and landed one a few pounds heavier and a full 37 inches! It is the meanest fish I have landed on a fly! It hit Brian's "Switch Hitter"! It fought as much as a 36 inch Coho I had caught 3 days before in the Salmon River in Ny!

One thing that will help me land my 40 incher next year in using bigger & badder flies! I am pumped to be using more of the Vermont Fly Guys patterns. They crush big fish!

Cheers Brian Cadoret

Cheers Brian! Great story and keep at it with a positive attitude. There's alot of know it alls out there that will tell ya this and that just keep at it handle with those pike care and youll be a ok!! Cheers .........Ken!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little dude BIG flies.......

My son loves big flies. He loves pike becuase they have teeth. I can't argue with that one bit. He also loves to tie. My boy..............

Friday, December 16, 2011

Replica skull

crazy bad ass to the core. Tight Lines..................

Monday, December 12, 2011


My original and still very deadly , easy casting pike fly. With a bit of classic flare and some flash this is a real tasty pike snack. The trick is bulk. There are 8full legth feathers tied in with 3 tip tied marabou fluffs with hollow tied flash and the head being topped with 3 large saddle hackles. Light weight and flashy makes this one of my go to patterns. It's fun to tie and every pike fly tier has these materials layin around. Enjoy and tight Lines!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

now that's BOLD!

check out this pike's color's those are some stand out markings. Not sure why some pike are like this. If anyone has any answers or ideas I would love to hear about it! Tight Lines and I hope you all are gettin out to toss some fluff!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Get the Blender!!!

Blending bucktail. It's not rocket science folks , just a simple trick to mix it up a bit. Enjoy and tight lines!