Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A nice Letter from friend at P.A.

Hey Ken,

I have had some insane Pike Adventures over the years in Vermont & New York. Growing up spin fishing for them in Lake Champlain, Monkton Pond, Lake Hortonia, Bristol Pond, Lake Dunmore, Otter Creek and the Lemon Fair. On lures I landed several over the 40 inch mark. I never, ever fished for Trout like most of my friends. Hiking up steep terrain to catch 7 inch Brookies could not compare to the viscous attach a lunker Pike made on a 8 inch top-water wooden lure. However when I started to fly fish it made more sense, but I never, ever wanted to stop chasing pike.

Now I am searching for my first 40 inch Pike on a fly.

In 2011 I did get close to that mark twice. Two Master Class Pike stand out a 36" & 37" both landed on Otter Creek while wading and chucking huge flies. Both were massive and put my 10 foot Orvis 8wt. to the test. Landing them that big with out a net by yourself is a challenge. I moved a FEW that were bigger and just getting a miss or swirl gets my heart pumping!

I did help Jake Haigh land a 40 inch Pike this summer...

This was an epic Pike Adventure for sure & it ended with Jake holding up his first ever 4o inch Pike, his grin said it all! Jake is my girlfriend's cousin and we fish & golf a bunch. He only spin fishes, mostly top-water for Bass. We chase Pike & Bass in small ponds all over the state in my canoe. I use my fly rod and he chucks Rubber Frogs, Jitter Bugs & Hula poppers mostly.

So we were fishing that August afternoon on Otter Creek in my canoe and we had a few follows and strikes from good size ones. We each landed several small Pike and Smallmouths Bass. I had dug out some of my old Pike lures and brought them along. I tossed Jake a 8 inch stick-bait and after about 10 cast he got a hit that was insane. He was using a small rod maybe a 5 footer the reel spooled with 8lb test that he has not changed in years. Anyway it was a crazy battle. I beached the canoe, jumped out and was able to grab the Pike enough to get it out of the water. A random dude was hanging out and took the pic of both of us. Before this Pike Jake had never landed one much over 30inches!

A month later in this same spot I landed a 36 incher which was fat & at the time my biggest Pike ever on a fly rod. This time I was alone and wading. A few cast before I landed a 28 inch Pike that tore me up & jumped once. This was about a month after the FLOOD and the Creek was down for the first time. I was using a fly my buddy Charlie gave me he night before, called the "Fur Burger". He claimed to have landed over 75 Pike on that pattern so far this season!

Then a few days after an epic Steeelhead trip this November I was trying out some new Vermont Fly Guys flies and landed one a few pounds heavier and a full 37 inches! It is the meanest fish I have landed on a fly! It hit Brian's "Switch Hitter"! It fought as much as a 36 inch Coho I had caught 3 days before in the Salmon River in Ny!

One thing that will help me land my 40 incher next year in using bigger & badder flies! I am pumped to be using more of the Vermont Fly Guys patterns. They crush big fish!

Cheers Brian Cadoret

Cheers Brian! Great story and keep at it with a positive attitude. There's alot of know it alls out there that will tell ya this and that just keep at it handle with those pike care and youll be a ok!! Cheers .........Ken!

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