Wednesday, December 28, 2011

VFG bucktails

Taking care of my stash......... Northern VT deer tails for pike and musky flies. Wash and dry....let sit.... wash and dry so on and so on. Era luandry detergent.....never seen whiter whites!!! It's a big learning curve and i'm new to the tail care but i'm learning. I also helps keep my mind on great patterns and the comming of spring. Right now it's blowing and freezing cold like 1 degree outside. Love my wood stove!!! Happy tying folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Get yourself a copy of Dyeing and Bleaching Natural Fly Tying Materials by AK Best. An excellent resource that will move you a few notches ahead on the learning curve.

  2. Nice, considered doing this myself. I heard borax is good for the curing part. JGR

  3. I use a mix of borax and salt. then when the timing is right washy washy then dry and treat wait and wash. thanks for the positive comments guys!!

  4. debone, scrap, wash, soak, and Dry
    wash in borax, hot water and dawn.
    soak for 24 hour in denatured Alcohol
    Lay them out to dry